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Digital Sharing Economy – La Revolución de la Economía

Digital Sharing Economy – La Revolución de la Economía

“Sharing is caring” it is an English motto that express the joy of sharing.

A concept, the sharing concept, that doesn’t take place just in modern times, due to network activities, but it always has been the basis for a solid community.
Just think about how people had always shared with others their knowledge and competence. Just like it happens in small local activities.

Nowadays, we talk more and more about sharing economy, also known as Collaborative Economy, is an economic example constantly growing, where the User has the possibility to share goods, services and information. Real advantages not only for the single persona but also for the community.

With the Sharing Economy you can realize the wish to be part of a community that you can trust. This is possible thanks to the “digital reputation”: When you are reliable inside the Network, it is the same Network to realize that, in a circular way, it will bring you more confidence in future, and that’s means more possibility of earning and sharing.