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Neworkom nominates Walter Presutti as the new Vice-President

Neworkom nominates Walter Presutti as the new Vice-President

Neworkom continues its reorganization by strengthening its staff and implementing strategies, to enhance all its resources. With this in mind a few months later after he joined as Head of the Academy Program, Walter Presutti becomes the new Vice Predident of the Neworkom Network Section. At the same time, Max Messa will focus on the developpment of the inter-group Coaching, with special focus on the leadership development of the new Digital Consultants.

Walter Presutti,  from almost 30 years has worked in the Network Marketing world, held many prestigious international positions in many Companies, before joining Neworkom. With an experience in all continents and a history of hundreds of thousands of people in his networks, Walter is the best person to accopany the Digital Consultants in this path.

“I am really honored” said the Vice President Walter Presutti “It is useless to try to hide this emotion. But it is not the title that gives me the energy, but the project that I have the honor to represent. Together with all the Co-Founders and the Digital Consultants we will develop the project  to the maximum to create the reference point in the Network”.

“Neworkom is clearly expanding” remarks the President and Founder Andor Viragh “I have known Walter for a lifetime and I know the prestige that he will bring by his new position as Vice President. He is a very professional and experienced person and I’m sure he wll bring a new type of culture to our Network. At the same time let me thank Max Messa for his contribution in this delicate period of transition. He has done his Vice President duties really well, despite carrying the weight of online and offline coaching.

Now he can finally be able to devote his professionalism to the personal development of leaders.

Neworkom is continuing to support Ulyfe, the Social Media based on the concept of Sharing Digital Economy and is developing numerous innovative projects.